‘If  I can steal a theme from Forrest Gump…. Bronwyn’s talk was like a box of chocolates. There was something in it to suit everyone; each student and parent who heard her took something away with them to think about and enjoy again later’  Rosalie Van Elsen, Community Relations, St Paul’s School Brisbane April 2000


‘Talking to students about drugs, sex and coping with depression, Bronwyn Donaghy has achieved in an hour what it takes us a year to do.’  Graeme Fairclough, Head of Physical Education and Health Education, St Brigid’ College, Perth, May 2000.


‘Thank you so much for an outstanding visit to [Canberra] Grammar School. The feedback from the boys was excellent….. Likewise the parents were very appreciative of all that you had to say…. You are making a very significant contribution to the welfare of so many families throughout Australia and as a parent and Headmaster I thank you for that.’  Headmaster, Canberra Grammar School, August 1999


‘You truly struck a chord with the girls…. Our parents and the wider community, too, were very impressed with your presentation which I felt was a tremendous success.. You are a wonderful ambassador for the cause!  Headmaster, The Glennie School, August 1999


‘How do I thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring visit… The kids were on a high for several days – as were we too! You are such an inspiration to these teenagers of today – you have a special talent in how you communicate with them – both in your books and on a personal level.’ St John the Evangelist High School, Nowra August 1999


The overwhelming response was one of thanks, inspiration, excellence, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. It was fantastic!  National Anglican Schools Conference, Bribane, May 1999.


‘Her talk was very real for us’ …. ‘she was the best speaker I have ever heard’ …. ’I thought she was excellent and everyone listened intently’ .… ’she related to us’ …. ’she was very funny, interesting and informative’ …. ’she didn’t lecture us, but gave us good things to think about’ …. ‘ she had a very effective way of capturing everyone’s attention’.  Students from Seymour College, Glen Osmond, South Australia.