bronmainBronwyn Donaghy was an author and journalist who wrote about family issues for more than 20 years and since 1995 was particularly involved in adolescent health. A mother of three in Sydney’s  north-western suburb of Baulkham Hills, she brought down-to-earth pragmatism, common sense, honesty and humour to her professional and private life equally. While these qualities came naturally to her, she was also an expert communicator.

Bronwyn wrote a number of insightful, entertaining and instructive books on adolescent health and parenting which she based on direct communication with young people, medical experts and parents. She went on to speak directly to thousands of teenagers, teachers, parents and health professionals.  Her advice came from her own experience and intelligence. Her information came from painstaking research and from investigations of actual cases of tragedy, isolation and misery in the lives of adolescents and their parents.

Through her books, articles and talks she brought hope, guidance, information and laughter to thousands of people.

On this website you will find information on Bronwyn’s life, achievements and philosophies, her publications, her talks, her articles, her bestselling title “Anna’s Story” and her adult novel “Small Acts of Kindness”.